Supreme Toning Tower Review


The Supreme Toning Tower is one of the latest pieces of fitness equipment that was created by Beverly Hills fitness. This tower incorporates several beneficial workouts into one convenient piece of equipment. It can be used as a Pilates Cadillac Trap Table, a barre, and an overall body trainer.  This product can do everything, and it would be a great addition to your current Pilates routine! It is currently the number one seller on amazon in the Pilates reformers category. Unlike other reformers, this one is priced fairly and is very affordable. Still not convinced? Read the rest of this Supreme Toning Tower review to find out why you should purchase one to add to your own home gym.


supreme toning tower review

This tower was created using the highest quality materials so you know it will last. The frame was constructed from heavy gauge steel to make it as durable as possible. While a luxurious wood was used to make the barre. While it may seem very lightweight, it is a very sturdy and will support your workouts. This product is recommended for use by people under six feet tall and 250 pounds. If you are over six feet tall, Beverly Hills fitness has another product available called the Supreme Pilates Pro and that would be more suited towards your usage. Another benefit of the machine is that it comes pre-assembled. Many pieces of workout equipment arrive broken up into their parts and can take hours to assemble. Not the Supreme Toning Tower, take it out of the box and it is ready to go!

Ease of Use

For many people, Pilates seems very intimidating and does not seem beginner friendly. However, this machine will change your mind, as it was designed to be used by almost anyone. This machine takes the complicated nature of Pilates and turns it into a fun, easy, and efficient experience. It also comes with a collection of over 100 exercises you can do with this tower. The exercises are broken up into category by what part of the tower is being used. These workouts include using the straps on your feet or hands, the pull through bar, the sculpting bar, the barre, general yoga, and the cardio disc. Two workout DVDs are also included with the tower and they demonstrate some of the top workouts you can do along with a true barre workout experience from the comfort of your own home.

Four Main Tower Features

The tower comes with several useful features that allow you to perform various workouts. There are resistance coils that can be attached to the barre. These coils are a great way to get an intense cardio work both legs at the same time or alternate them. By switching up your workout technique you are adding some variety to your routine making it a little more interesting. For those looking for a harder workout, they offer higher resistance coils on their website for sale. If you are struggling to use the provided coils they also offer lower resistance coils too.

Another feature of the tower is the swing thru bar. This bar works better than many of the other ab workout machines currently out in the market. Using this bar is an easy way to slim down and tone your abdominal muscles.

The sculpting bar was designed with your upper body in mind. This bar allows for several effective upper body workouts. The resistance coils can also be used for several of these workouts for a no-impact workout experience. These no-impact workouts are very beneficial to those with joint issues, or those doing physical therapy.

The tower also offers a workout that improves your posture. This workout stretches out your back and spine to put them back in line. Using this technique will give you perfect posture in now time!


Many pieces of workout equipment are very large and bulky and take up too much space. That is not the case with the Supreme Toning Tower. Once you are done working out with the tower, you can simply fold it down to a height of 4”. Now, you can store it under a table or bed so it no longer takes up important floor space. It comes with wheels on the bottom of the frame so it is effortless to move the tower when needed.

See the Toning Tower in Action!

Product Information

Weight: 35 pounds

Dimensions (extended): 48” x 25” x 41”

Dimensions (folded): 48” x 25” x 4”

What is Included

When you order the Supreme Toning Tower the following items are included in the box:

  • The Supreme Toning Tower
  • Two workout DVD’s
  • Two resistance coils
  • Two hand and foot straps
  • The manufactures one-year warranty

Conclusion to the Supreme Toning Tower Review

So, if you are looking for a piece of Pilates exercise equipment this is the one for you. It is currently the best tower out there and offers the most features at this affordable price. It provides you with an easy yet rewarding workout experience. By incorporating this into your workout routine you will start to see results in no time at all!




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