ProForm 550R Rower Review

ProForm has developed one of the best rowing machines currently on the market. Rowing machines combine both cardio and strength exercise. The user sits on a seat and pulls back on two handles. As they do this, they push back with their legs. By repeating this process rapidly, you are getting a great cardio workout. Read the rest of this ProForm 550R Rower review to decide if this is the piece of equipment you have been searching for.


A great feature on this rower is the large LCD screen. This screen sits right where the seat track meets the wheel base. The screen shows time used and calories burned. The screen also shows which of the five resistance levels you are using. This is extremely beneficial for those who have multiple people using this rowing machine by ProForm.

Some report that the resistance is not superb on this machine. However, this machine is an air rower, which means that the resistance gets more difficult the longer you use it. Take note of this and give it a try. Remember, if the machine does not meet your standards, there is a 90 day part warranty. If you are looking for a rower with more resistance check out the WaterRower, which comes with a tank to fill water to provide more resistance.,

Another feature we want to include in our Proform 550R Rower review is that the frame has a 5 year warranty. Keep in mind, this is only a warranty for the frame. This prevents any errors in manufacturing from affecting your purchase and use of the machine. As far as the rest of the parts are concerned, there is a 90 day warranty. ProForm is confident that their manufacturing process has developed a top of the line machine which will not falter easily.

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If you are concerned about purchasing this item because of its size, never fear! The 550R can be folded up and has wheels for easy moving. This allows the rowing machine to be used even in small apartments, and easily tucked away for storage.


When purchasing the Proform 550R Rower, you can choose to have it pre-assembled or come in pieces. If you have it delivered in pieces, you will have to put it together on your own. This can be difficult for some and may take a decent amount of time. However, most who have assembled report a 15-30 minute assembling time.


For those purchasing this rowing machine, comfort is a key concern. After all, it would seem pointless to purchase an exercise machine and not feel comfortable on it. There are lots of additions to the Proform 550R Rower which add comfort.

Ergonomics are key on this machine. The ergonomic features helps support the body so that stress is not placed repeatedly on different parts of the body. There are two pieces of this machine which are ergonomic.

proform 550r rower review

First, there is the ergonomic handle. It’s designed so that it can be gripped at many different widths, adding comfort for those with different shoulder widths. The cushioning on the handle provides adequate support for your grip, removing any stress on the palm of the hand or on the fingers.

Another ergonomically designed feature is the seat, and it is a comfortable fit for everyone. It supports the lower back so as not to cause stress to any vertebrae. It is extremely well-cushioned, providing support to the entire back and the bottom of the user, and prevents any stress from occurring.

Customizable Features

The rail which the seat slides on is oversized, so that especially tall users can adjust and stretch their legs out fully. This is a major perk, as many rowers have issues accommodating taller users.

Now for the feet. The pedals on this rowing machine actually pivot for the user, removing stress on the ankles or other joints.The pivoting action also allows the rower to push from different angles. This can be helpful as various people have varying ankle to knee ratios.  Additionally, these pedals have straps which extend across the foot.

A final feature on this machine’s pedals is a small ledge at the bottom of the pedal. The heel of the foot rests on this pedal. There is no top ledge, however, which allows users with feet of any size to use this machine.

Health Benefits of Rowing

Rowing machines are very advantageous for many reasons. Those who have spent much of their life completing strenuous cardio will obviously note a strain on their joints. This is from high impact and repetition, which almost always leads to stress.

What’s the verdict to our ProForm 550R Rower Review?

The Proform 550R Rower avoids putting any stress on joints, as there is no impact being had during this workout. The most strain comes from pulling back on the handle, and this is not enough to cause any sort of injury.

Additionally, rowing machines allow you to pull in fast succession, which is what creates the cardio effect. This cardio effect burns a significant amount of calories. If you are looking for a way to lose weight, rowing machines are definitely an ideal option. Because you can choose the pacing, this type of machine is excellent for all levels of fitness. 

Rowing machines also are excellent strength training. Because you are pulling with your arms and pushing with your legs, there is significant arm and leg training occurring. The abdominal muscles are also performing a great deal of work, as they help the body to slide back and forth on the rail.

Although this is a great workout for the entire body, most of the benefit is for your legs. The main muscles were are impact are the quads, calves, and glutes. For those hoping to improve leg strength but who want to avoid the heavy impact of running, rowing machine are an ideal exercise option.

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