Do Ab Wheels Actually Work?

Ab wheels are probably one of the most inexpensive pieces of exercise equipment you can buy. You can find a cheap plastic one that would only set you back about $10. Some of the more advanced wheels, like the Ab Carver Pro, usually cost a little more but are completely worth the price. Ab rollers consist of an axle with a wheel in the center. The axle comes out on both sides of the wheel and it is used as your handle bar. This wheel was created to help work your abdominal muscles. However, many people want to know РDo Ab Wheels Work?

How an Ab Wheel Works

do ab wheels workFirst, you start by kneeling on the floor with your ab wheel. You want to grasp the handlebar with both of your hands in front of you. Then you push the wheel, rolling it until you are stretched as far as you can go. Once you reach that point, you want to roll the wheel back to your starting position. While this may sound easy to do, this exercise is proven to be difficult for most beginners. This routine works your abs, arms, shoulders and back. To maintain proper form while completing this workout make sure you are contracting your abs.

Do Ab Wheels Work РThe Verdict 

So back to the main question, does the ab wheel really work? The answer is yes! The ab roller is considered one of the top exercise tools you can use to improve your core.

Abs are what provide your body with structural support, and help define your form. Your abs are what keep your core in its place and you stable while you perform different actions. When you are using the ab wheel, you have to support all of your body weight while you are rolling in and out. This is what is working your abs and core while you are working out.

While the ab wheel does work, many people believe they will get six pack abs after using it for a while. Ab rollers will help you tone your stomach and abdominal muscles, however relying only on the ab wheel alone will not help you get those desired six pack abs. You must also maintain a balanced diet and perform cardio exercises if you are going for six pack abs.

Many fitness experts recommend that you should strengthen your lower back muscles prior to attempting to use the ab wheel. This recommendation is especially for beginners to working out. One technique to improving your lower back muscles would be weight training.
If you want to ab wheel to be effective for you, start with exercise routines that you are comfortable doing based on your fitness level. Only roll out the wheel as far as you can control it. Start with a smaller range of motion until you master the proper form.

In conclusion, ab wheels do work and they are an effective way to improve your abdominal muscles and your core!

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