The Top Four Air Climber Workouts


One of the greatest benefits of the Air Climber exercise stepper is that you can achieve a full body workout from using this single piece of exercise equipment. If you are not familiar with the Air Climber, you can read our complete review of it here.  Air climber workouts can target your legs, thighs, hips, buttocks, abs, as well as areas in your upper body. The air climber comes with a completely free DVD that will take you through the different stepper workouts. This stepper workout DVD is a fantastic accompaniment for the exercise machine. Whether you’re a beginner or have been using the air climber for a while the DVD is a great guide.

The Air Climber Workout DVD

The DVD includes four 20 minute air stepper workouts. At the beginning of each of these workouts, Brenda will take you through some simple drills that you can use to warm up your body before you begin to use the exercise machine. These drills will warm up your body and ensure that you are completely prepared for the exercise machine workouts.

The Air Climber targets the whole body through the various stepper workout exercises included in the four free DVDs. The transition between these exercises is easy, and helps to target a wide range of muscle groups in a small amount of time. Another benefit is the increase of efficiency at which the body burns calories, meaning less time is spent working out. Brenda has designed these stepper workouts so that you can get the most out of every moment that you spend using the climber.

In the introduction clip Brenda will show you how to set up the piece of equipment for use, and will provide you with safety information regarding the air climber. She will also run through the different stepper workouts on the DVD, so once you are set up you can choose the perfect stepper workout for you.

So, here are the four air climber workouts that Brenda will take you through, and how they will help you to burn calories and target the different areas of your body;

The Easy Air Workout

The easy air stepper workout is an amazing fat burning routine and a perfect way to begin your air climber experience. This stepper workout is a fun, easy to follow routine that will provide you with amazing results. At the beginning of the workout, Brenda will take you through some simple exercises and stretches to warm up your body and prepare your muscles before you start to use the exercise machine.

After your warm up, Brenda Dygraf will take you through the basics of the exercise equipment, starting with simple stepping. This stepping is the cornerstone of your legs and thighs workout. Brenda will also show you how to change your stepping style to target the muscles in your buttocks. She will also show you how to tighten your obliques whilst you’re stepping. You will also learn you how to target your waist through an exercise called the hula.

The Super 7 Workout

The Super 7 Air Climber Workout

The super 7 stepper workout targets the 7 main muscles in the body, making it a perfect all around workout. This 30 minute routine is a fantastic cardio workout. This workout uses the body cords that come with the stepper to target the upper body and arms. Brenda will take you through a warm up and a cool down before and after you use the exercise machine.


The Air Tight Abs Workout

The Air Tight Abs stepper workout uses the exercise equipment to tone the abdominal and oblique muscles. This increases your fitness by pushing your anaerobic threshold and elevating your metabolism, aiding the fat burning process. This stepper workout combines Brenda’s unique exercise routines with the benefits of the exercise equipment to offer you a fun and effective workouts. It will also show you how to get the most out of the exercise machine if you’re hoping sculpt your six pack and lose weight around your waist.

The Burn and Firm Workout

This 20 minute exercise equipment abs workout combines cardio, toning, and abs exercises to give you a complete workout. It combines all the benefits that the Air Climber can offer you. This means calves, thighs, hips, abs, buttocks, and arms are all targeted and toned in this intense workout. This workout will show you how the exercise machine can really help to strengthen your core and burn calories fast.

Air Climber Workouts Benefits

The great thing about all of these air climber workouts is that each of them targets the whole body. Because of this, the body’s metabolic rate is vastly increased. This leads to your body burning fat at a much higher rate. Also, these workouts also lead to Excessive Post Exercise Oxygen Consumption. That means that even after you have finished using the exercise equipment, you will still be burning calories.

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