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For most people, there is just not enough time in a day to fit a trip to the gym in.  Therefore, working out from home is the only option for those people.  Luckily, the Air Climber Express is making it a lot easier to exercise at home. The Air Climber is a small stepper with two bellows under the pedals. After each step, the bellows fill with air which reduces the impact on your joints. This tool is great for beginners or those who are in physical therapy.  It is light and portable making it easy to transport and store when not in use.  With multiple resistance settings, it allows for the you to create the perfect workout that matches your personal fitness level. If you are just starting out you can start on the lowest resistance, and the pros can use the highest resistance for a vigorous workout experience.  This Air Climber review will cover all the features that make it the great piece of equipment it is.

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Starting Up

We all know, starting a new workout routine can be daunting task.  The climber makes it require little effort as possible for anyone to start getting into shape.  Once you receive it, inside the box you get the machine, easy to understand instructions, and an instructional video that explains how to use the machine to get the results you are looking for.  air climber review

The video goes into great detail on the many ways to use the Air Climber Express.  Many customers have reported that the simplicity of the machine makes them more motivated to use it every day. You can read some of the reviews on Amazon.  However, if you still need some more instruction or motivation, I recommend checking out Youtube for plenty of videos that you can work out along with.

User Friendly

The Air Climber Express can be used by people of all ages. Unlike other home workout machines that contain too many complicated dials and controls, the Air Climber Express only has one dial. This dial is used to increase or decrease the air in the bellows, making this is a very user-friendly device! Also, due to the fact that it is not motorized it does not cause any danger for children. The ease of simply having to step up and down on the device allows for people of all ages the ability to use the machine properly.  When using the Air Climber Express, you do not have to be in peak shape to correctly take advantage of all the benefits it can provide.  Not only is it easy to use but maintenance of the machine is very minimal given it does not come with a motor or many other moving parts.

Light and Portable

The simplicity of the design allows for easy transportation and usage.  You can keep the Air Climber Express in the bedroom, living room, or anywhere else where you would like to work out.  One of people’s main concerns with at home exercise equipment is that it takes up a lot of space. That is not the case with this climber, as it takes up very little floor space. Also, the Air Climber Express is extremely light making it easy to move as needed.   

The Work Out

During our Air Climber review process, we found it makes little to no noise during the workout. This allows you to use it without disturbing others in the area.  The exercise machine is a great way to exercise and tone your legs.  For those that want to push it even further, you can easily add an arm component to your work out by using  resistance bands or weights while stepping. If you are looking for a more intense workout another option would be the maxi climber, you can read our review of it here.   

The resistance of the bands as well as the air bellows under the step platforms, allows the user to maintain a steady anaerobic exercise. Meanwhile, while constantly moving your feet, legs, and arms, it increases your heart rate and blood flow. Making this a great aerobic exercise as well.  It is easy to adjust to fine-tune a work out that works for your personal needs.

Movement and Light Impact

Other at home exercise machines, such as the treadmill, involve high impact on one’s joints from the constant pounding of your feet to machine. The pedals are designed with a bellow filled with air  allowing a soft cushion for your foot to push down on.  These bellows are also what drive the workout.  By adjusting the pressure inside of the bellows you can set a desired resistance for the workout.  This innovation is great for those with arthritis or other joint issues who wish to continue working out. This machine does not cause pain like the other conventional exercise machines.  The range of movement the exercise machine gives its user a better range than simply walking or running on a treadmill would.

Conclusion to our Air Climber Review

If you are thinking about starting a new workout routine, the climber is the way to go.  With the instructional video, it is easy to start using your new climber right after delivery.  The machine itself is light and portable making it easy to use in any area of your house. This also makes it easy to store if you are having company over.  Working out with the machine will revolutionize the way that you work out.  It is easy to use and is a low impact workout.  This allows for a painless workout that will help you gain the body you are looking for.  The Air Climber Express gives you an anaerobic and aerobic workout, leading to noticeable results as soon as a few weeks.   

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