Ab Carver Pro Review

The Ab Carver Pro is one of the bestselling ab wheels on the market, and that is deservedly so. This wheel was created by Perfect Fitness, the same company who created the Perfect Pushup along and the Perfect Pullup. They are serious when it comes to designing workout equipment! Now many people may be put off the above average price tag and start to look elsewhere for another wheel. However, this ab carver pro review will show you why this product is worth every penny!

Product Overview

At first, the Ab Carver Pro looks very similar to any other ab wheel you can buy. There are several differences though that make this a better product.  Firstly, many ab wheels strain the users back putting them in pain and discomfort. This wheel was designed to be ergonomically friendly which allows for easier motions with less stress on your hands and back. The ab carver pro also features a carbon steel spring system to help you get more out of your workout.

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Carbon Steel Spring Engine – As stated earlier, the ab carver pro contains a carbon steel spring to help your workout. The spring is installed into the center of the wheel and provides your resistance or assistance when needed. When you are rolling the wheel out, it provides you with resistance. While you are rolling it back in, it is assisting you. This system helps you get more results out of your average workout.

A Wider Wheel – Many other wheels feature a very thin wheel, not the ab carver pro! You may be wondering how a bigger wheel will help you. Well it’s simple – it provides you with more stability. Other ab rollers can be wobbly and hard to control, the ab carver pro is very easy to use. The wider wheel also allows for angled roll outs which help work your oblique muscles.

Ergonomic Handles – The handles were designed with your comfort in mind. They are covered in rubber giving you a better grip. They are also shaped to give you better hand placement. These handles allow for a better form and therefore less stress on your back and hands while you are working out.


  • Durability – While it may be a little more expensive than your average ab wheel, this tool was built to last.
  • Size – It is big enough to support almost any weight, yet it is still small enough and does not take up too much space with storing it away.
  • Knee pads – The ab carver pro comes with knee pads to help reduce the stress put on your knees.
  • Works on almost all surfaces – Some ab wheels are limited to hard floors, this wheel works on hard floors, tiled floors, and even carpet.
  • Carbon Steel Spring – The spring that helps your during your ab rollout is a great aid for beginners and can even be useful for the professionals.


  • Carbon Steel Spring – Even though I listed it as a pro, some people believe it is a con. Their belief is that it is “cheating” and you are not getting a full workout.
  • Locking Mechanism – For most people this lock stops them from going too far, however some are prevented from doing the full routine.
  • Foot Straps – This ab wheel does not come with foot straps, they are not a necessity but they would have been a nice feature.

Ab Carver Pro Review Conclusion

Overall, the Ab Carver Pro is an amazing workout tool with almost all of the features you would want in an ab wheel. The carbon steel engine, ergonomic hand grips, and the durable wheel design all contribute to giving you the best workout experience possible. While some may say the price is a little too steep, I can tell you it is definitely worth it. Whether you are a beginner looking to get into shape, or a professional looking for another workout to add to their routine, this ab wheel is the one for you!

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